What Causes Snoring In Females And How To Stop It?

what causes snoring in females

Snoring can be a nuisance to anyone around you – but it’s not just the sound that’s the problem. Snoring is when someone’s throat muscles relax during sleep, causing your airway to narrow and block your breathing. It causes noisy breathing sounds, like whistles, wheezes, or rattles. These are signs that there’s something in your airway blocking the airflow. What causes snoring? Alcohol, smoking cigarettes, age, being overweight, pregnancy, problems with your jaw joint, or chronic nasal congestion due to allergies or sinus infections.

If you’re not getting a good night’s sleep, snoring may be to blame. There are many reasons why people snore, but chronic snoring is usually more than just an inconvenience. Conditions that could cause snoring are asthma, apnea, allergies, or some type of structural problem. Speak with your doctor about the best ways to manage your snoring.

Why do men snore more than women?

About twice as many men snore than women. This common sleep disorder is caused when tissues in the back of the throat collapse and block airflow. Unfortunately, there are several different causes of snoring. Some are due to frequent nasal congestion, adenoid enlargement, or even the way that we humans speak.

Men often have narrower air passages than women, and this causes unpleasant noise when they sleep. The narrower the air passage, the more difficult it becomes for oxygen to flow during inhalation or exhalation. Due to hormone changes during puberty, the male voice box- called the larynx- has to drop lower in the neck, which leads to that infamous “Adam’s apple.” This space behind the tongue is called the oropharynx, so this is the real answer about Why do men snore more than women

What causes snoring in females?

Different possible factors cause or cntribute snoring women such as: 

  • Weight gain

If you’re looking for a solution to your snoring problem, look no further. Researchers now say that the root cause of the noise is often weight gain either from obesity or just a few pounds of extra fat around your neck. To clear up a few things: yes, it’s not just men who snore, and no, it’s not always caused by drinking too much alcohol before bedtime.

  • Pregnancy
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A common problem with pregnancy is snoring. Snoring during pregnancy is caused by a combination of factors. One is swollen blood vessels in the nasal cavity, and another is the extra weight that comes along with it.

  • Age

Given that women over the age of 30 are prone to snoring problems, they should know what to do in advance.

  • Exhaustion 

When we are depleted, muscle tissues are more in an unwinding mode and make the night clamor process wheezing more regrettable. The larynx gets extremely loose up when they are worn out, and it causes the wheezing impact

  • Menopause

Menopause can diminish muscle tone in the throat, causing female wheezing. During perimenopause, a lady’s ovaries step by step decreases the creation of estrogen and progesterone. Thus, ladies report issues like hot glimmers, sleep deprivation, state of mind problems, and rest disarranged relaxing. Rest issues are regularly joined by wheezing. Wheezing, joined by stops or heaves in breathing are manifestations of a more genuine rest issue known as obstructive rest apnea (OSA).

  • Sleep Apnea

Obstructive rest apnea is a rest problem where breathing is momentarily and over and again intruded on during rest. The “apnea” in rest apnea alludes to a breathing delay that keeps going somewhere around ten seconds.

Rest apnea or Obstructive Sleep Apnea happens when the obstacle of wind current is serious, coming about in lightened, compromised, or stifled wind stream while attempting to relax. It can cause a sort of wheezing when an individual quickly quits relaxing for brief time frame stretches among wheezes, and consequently produce gagging or panting sounds.

On the off chance that you accept any of the above variables could be causing or adding to your wheezing, then, at that point, you might have to address them. If you’re wheezing by any stretch of the imagination, you must get proficient consideration. Wheezing can not just upset an accomplice during rest, this can likewise be an indication of an issue like rest apnea or lack of sleep.

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Why is snoring so annoying?

Do you hate the sound of snoring? Why?

Does your blood bubble when you hear an individual murmur, sniff, or wheeze? You might experience the ill effects of misophonia, which in a real sense means “scorn of sounds.” Some sounds – like nails on a blackboard – make a great many people recoil or wriggle with dismay.

So you disdain sounds since you have misophonia. Misophonia makes a compulsory reflex response to the sound. Sadly, misophonia doesn’t disappear. The more you hear the sound, the more you feel disdain, outrage, and fury when you hear the sound – the additional time you attempt to make it happen and keep mentally collected (obviously can’t) – the more regrettable the misophonia becomes. Misophonic responses become more grounded. The trigger sounds spread from one individual to many individuals (or everybody)

Be that as it may, It doesn’t need to advance along these lines. There are things you can do to prevent misophonia from developing. There are things you can do to make this a more mediocre condition. There are a few things that you can do to lessen your misophonia – to diminish the response to explicit triggers. So this is why snoring is annoying for a lot of people

Types of snoring

1-Snoring through nose

One of the first types of snoring is nose-based snoring. Nose-based snoring is a result of blocked nostrils. The blocked nostrils are a result of a deviated septum, allergies, cold or flu, taking certain types of medications, or smoking.

If you track down your nose to feel stodgy around evening time, it’s vital to comprehend the reason why it’s stopped up. When you sort out the reason, you can treat it in like manner. Taking sensitivity medicine, stopping smoking, doing a nasal flush, utilizing nose strips, or getting remedial medical procedures for your veered-off septum can mitigate wheezing.

2-Snoring through mouth

One more sort of wheezing is mouth-based wheezing. Mouth-based wheezing happens when somebody inhales through the mouth rather than the nose while the rest. It’s normally brought about by extended tonsils, obstructed nasal entries, or feeble palatal tissue. If you can’t inhale through your nose when you rest, your body naturally inhales through the mouth. Settling the reason for mouth breathing can prevent you from wheezing. For example, getting your tonsils eliminated can help.

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3-Snoring through tongue

If your tongue gets excessively loose while you rest, it can bring about tongue-based wheezing. When tongue turns out to be excessively loose, it can impede the aviation route. This typically happens in individuals who drink liquor, have over-the-top neck fat, use rest drugs, or rest on their backs. Removing liquor, getting more fit, ceasing rest prescription, or dozing on your side, can resolve your wheezing propensity. Oral machine treatment is likewise helpful to people who experience the ill effects of tongue-based wheezing.

4-Snoring through throat

Throat wheezing is normally a solid sign of rest apnea. At the point when you have rest apnea, you quit breathing around evening time because of a deterrent in your aviation route. At the point when you quit breathing, your body starts to stifle or hack to open your aviation route and permit you to inhale once more. This endless loop known as apnea can happen many times throughout the evening. Therefore, you will snore and not get an evening of value rest.

The impediment is generally the tissue toward the rear of your throat falling as you rest. At the point when it breakdowns, air can’t stream unreservedly through. Without rest apnea treatment, the condition can build you the danger of coronary failure, stroke, and numerous other issues.

How to stop snoring exercises?

Since wheezing and rest apnea is brought by free and floppy aviation route muscles, and helpless tongue situating, practices are advantageous. Throat and mouth practices help tighten up the tongue and aviation route muscles and assist with advancing breathing through the nose. You can contrast it with going to the rec center consistently. Lifting loads help tone your arms, customary mouth and throat practices assist with fortifying muscles connected with relaxing. 

Here’s a useful video explaining how to stop snoring exercises

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