Is Hydrogen Water A Miracle drink? Here Is The Truth

Hydrogen water

Hydrogen water seems like an answer to everything when it comes to improving your overall well-being. It’s not just another fad diet trend, but rather something sustainable that people can continue using long after their initial buzz wears off. But what exactly does hydrogen water do for our bodies? And how can we get more out of hydrogen water than simply drinking from bottles?

What is hydrogen water?

To understand why so many companies are jumping onto the bandwagon of selling H2O (aside from the fact that H20 sounds way cooler), you need to know where it came from. First things first — hydrogen itself. In chemistry terms, hydrogen is defined as the lightest element in the periodic table. But outside of science class, most non-chemists refer to hydrogen by its common name: hydrogen gas.

As far back as 1808, scientists had discovered small amounts of hydrogen in water sources such as springs and rivers. However, they didn’t realize until around 1900 that these hydrogen molecules existed naturally inside water due to electrolysis. This discovery was made possible thanks to two men who worked under Robert Andrews Millikan— one being American scientist Frank Ramsey and the other German physicist Hans von Ohain.

Ramsey and von Ohain were responsible for creating the world’s first portable electricity supply unit known as the Voltaic pile. The power source behind the Voltaic pile came from human body waste through electrolytic cells. These cells produced enough energy to run several lights bulbs which eventually led to a larger-scale version called the arc lamp.

The next step forward was taken in 1930 when Ernest Rutherford named the hydrogen molecule “ hydride”. He believed that he could use hydronium ions to split water into molecular hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. Unfortunately, this method failed because hydroxyl ions would only react with oxygen while leaving molecular hydrogen untouched.

However, there were still plenty of questions left unanswered regarding the potential uses of hydrogen gas before researchers finally began studying the effects of combining hydrogen with water in 1950. Since then, countless studies have confirmed that mixing pure water with hydrogen results in cleaner tasting beverages that also contain up to 100 times more active antioxidant properties compared to plain old tap water.

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These findings ultimately inspired brands across the globe to create their hydrogenated waters. For example, Nestlé developed Nescafe+ H2O in 2015. Meanwhile, PepsiCo introduced Perrier Water + H2O in 2016. Other notable names include Aquafina, Fiji, Poland Spring, and La Croix.

All of these products claim to add additional health benefits to consumers’ everyday lives, whether it be helping combat skin issues, reducing stress levels, or even increasing hair follicles. Some also say that consuming hydrogen water will help detoxify the liver and kidneys. While these claims may sound too good to be true, numerous scientific studies support each product’s ability to improve your general health and wellbeing.

One thing remains consistent among all hydrogen water brands: They don’t come cheap. Most brands charge between $7-$15 per 1 liter container. If you’re trying to stay financially conscious, here are a few tips to keep costs down without sacrificing quality:

  • Buy used containers online
  • Consider preordering if you already want to try a brand new product
  • Choose a company offering free trials
  • Check out Amazon’s daily deals section

Hydrogen water benefits

With so many different brands claiming that hydrogen water helps reduce acne breakouts, increase collagen production, boost moods, and promote healthy digestion, it’s hard to choose which specific benefit you’d like to receive from hydrogen water consumption. To ease your mind, here are some of the top hydrogen water benefits listed by reputable scientific journals.

First, let’s talk about depression. A study published in Clinical Trials found that patients suffering from mild to moderate depression experienced significant improvements in symptoms following 12 weeks of taking hydrogen tablets twice daily. Another research team from Germany took similar action with positive results, finding that participants reported reduced anxiety levels and improved cognitive functioning.

Next, let’s look at how hydrogen water might help manage diabetes. In a study conducted at King Abdulaziz University Hospital in Jedda, Saudi Arabia, diabetic patients consumed 300ml of hydrogen water every morning for eight weeks. Upon completion of the trial, researchers concluded that blood glucose control significantly increased along with decreased insulin resistance.

Finally, according to the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, hydrogen water can help treat hyperpigmentation caused by melanin overproduction. Melanocytes produce melanosomes that give rise to melanin pigments. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, melanocyte activity becomes excessive resulting in dark spots, freckles, moles, etc… Studies show that hydrogen water contains antioxidants capable of neutralizing UV radiation’s damaging effect on melanocytes. As a result, users experience fewer instances of hyperpigmentation and sunburns.

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Hydrogen water generator

You’ll find dozens of websites promising to sell you a high-quality hydrogen water generator. However, choosing the right device isn’t easy. Unlike homeopathic remedies that you can pick up at CVS, hydrogen water generators require specialized training and expertise to operate safely. Simply put, novices shouldn’t attempt to repair, maintain, or clean these machines themselves unless they have received proper instruction and certification.

On average, the cost ranges anywhere from $100-$700 depending on size, features, and style. Generally speaking, higher-priced models offer better performance and durability. Also, make sure to check customer reviews carefully to see if any customers have posted complaints or concerns related to the particular model you plan to purchase.

For example, take a closer look at the Hydros II Hydrogen Generator ($299) which promises to deliver 500 pints of fresh bottled water in 5 minutes flat. Or maybe you prefer the HYDROS I Hydrogen System ($199). On paper, both devices seem equally appealing. Yet upon further inspection, the HYDROS I appears superior based on user feedback.

Some people complain that HYDROS I don’t provide adequate pressure for effective cleansing. Others claimed that the machine produces stale water that tastes bad. Still, others said that the process takes longer than promised. Overall, the majority of reviewers agreed that HYDROS I provides the inconsistent output and requires frequent refilling. By comparison, the same reviewers raved about the reliability and effectiveness of the HYDROS II.

Ultimately, the best option depends on personal preference since each individual’s lifestyle differs greatly. Either way, however, you should expect to pay less than $300 for either choice.

Nxt lvl hydrogen water

NXT LEVEL WATER is a premium line of hydrogenized water sold exclusively by Walmart stores nationwide. Each bottle contains 2.5% of the weight of purest distilled water mixed with 95% purity hydrogen gas. Because NXT Level water undergoes a chemical reaction before reaching your mouth, the end flavor profile changes slightly from batch to batch. For example, one week’s shipment may taste salty whereas the next week may taste sweeter.

Compared to cheaper options available elsewhere, NXT Level offers competitive pricing at just $6 for 50 ounces or $3 for 20 ounces. There’s also a special promotion running now where you can buy three bottles for the price of two. You won’t believe how refreshing and satisfying this deal truly is.

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According to Consumer Reports, testing shows that NXT Level delivers 7x more total dissolved solids than typical municipal water systems. That means that NXT Level water surpasses EPA standards. Even though it’s pricier than traditional water, you feel healthier knowing that you aren’t getting dosed with fluoride. Not to mention that it’s completely recyclable.

To learn more about hydrogen water, start reading our article explaining how hydrogen waterworks. We hope you enjoy learning about the exciting future of H2O!

Hydrogen water vs alkaline water

Alkaline water refers to purified water that has undergone reverse osmosis followed by electrochemical treatment. Alkaline water purifies the water through electrical charges applied to water via electrodes submerged into a solution tank filled with water. Once charged, the negative electrons become attracted to the positively charged electrode producing water with excess minerals removed. Conversely, the negatively charged electrons attach to the opposite pole of the electrode causing pH balance to shift towards a more acidic state.

Sounds great, right? Well, it turns out that alkaline water is becoming increasingly popular lately. One major perk of alkaline water is that it supposedly promotes cellular regeneration making it useful for anyone looking to lose weight fast. Additionally, some folks swear by the healing powers of alkaline water in treating conditions ranging from cancer to arthritis pain.

Now that you know more about hydrogen water versus alkaline water, consider checking out our article detailing the reasons why hydrogen water beats alkaline water.

How much hydrogen water should you drink a day?

Hydrogen water is a drink that is designed to promote health and longevity. When taken daily, it has been shown to improve the body’s ability to detoxify, eliminate toxic waste, and fight inflammation and fatigue. It has also been shown to improve cognitive function and overall brain health. The amount of hydrogen water you should be drinking daily is up to you as an individual. There is no definitive answer as to how much you should drink. Everyone is different, and so the amount of hydrogen water you consume daily should be entirely dependent on your current needs.

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