Elon Musk Hair Transplant. How He Reversed His Hair Loss?

Elon musk hair transplant

Elon Musk has traveled a long way from his days as CEO of PayPal and so does his hair. According to Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, MD who specializes in hair transplant surgery for people like Elon with thinning or receding hairlines it is highly likely he visits him at least once per year just because they’re both balding!

Epstein said that when PayPal founder and former CEO, Musk sold his company in 2002, he was “pretty bald”

How did Elon musk get his hair back?

Before and after Elon Musk hair transplant

  •  Elon musk bald

The likelihood that Elon Musk, a celebrity hair transplants started taking anti-hair loss medication in his younger days, is increased by the fact he never used it when diagnosed with male pattern baldness. It suggests he may have been unaware of its existence until shortly before undergoing 1st hair transplant surgery at age 26, likely due to none other than NW4/NW5 progression, which can be prevented.

A 1997 FDA approval for treating this condition makes sense because it is known how long ago 1996 was about three years before this date, there were only two drugs listed on their website as approved. 

Elon musk hair after hair transplant

  • The first step
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Elon Musk’s transition from having dark, healthy-looking hair on the front of his head in 2003 to lighter and thinner strands later that decade was due to taking medication for an issue with thinning. He received one follicular transplant that led him to get better results through another procedure at age 40 when we saw more density than before!

In the first hair transplant surgery by Elon Musk, a conservative line with lower density was achieved to allow for an increased see-through effect 30-35 grafts per square centimeter were estimated on his head after being grafted from donor zones in the occipital region were thick and healthy hairs were unaffected by DHT (5 alpha reductase).

  • The second step

Elon Musk has had two hair transplants, and his new one looks more sparse than the first. His age could be a factor in this change as studies show that people who undergo their first transplant more than 40 will see an increase in baldness compared to younger patients like Mr.Musk (he was only 40 at the time).

The difference between transplanted (hairline) and non-transplanted hair is that while the temples can be filled in with individual follicular units, these implanted ones look thinner than their counterparts. This becomes more apparent on Elon Musk’s head after he installed his second set of grafts for an estimated density of around 45-50 grams/cm2 

A Single Follicly Usable piece measuring 100 microns would contain 150 million hairs if it were stretched out flat

FUT or FUE hair transplant that Elon musk did?

Elon Musk might have done 2,3 or even more hair transplants. The FUT scars across his donor area are proof enough for us that he is an experienced surgeon who does not shy away from big procedures like this one, they can be seen as far back as 2013

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Watch the interview on CBS from 2018 and skip to 4:25 if you want to understand well what I’m talking about (the scar). 

The linear pattern suggests around 4000 grafts total, which would explain why Elon’s head looks so smooth, now compared with earlier photos where there were obvious lines visible after just 1000+ surgeries

What is the cause that had pushed Elon musk to choose to do a small FUE hair transplant?

As he did more FUE procedures, the donor area looked thinner and had micro-pigmentation on top of it. But there was good coverage in other parts like correcting a little mistake such as at one’s hairline or temporal regions once patients who’d already gone through 1 or 2 transplants decided they wanted even better density around those areas too.

The cost of Elon Musk’s hair transplant

Mr. Musk spent a small fortune to make himself look young again, but he didn’t go too crazy with it at all, only spending about $10k on hair restoration surgeries that could’ve been as cheap or expensive depending on the number of grafts needed for full coverage across his scalp

Most types of treatments that celebrities choose for hair loss

Hair transplant operations have become so comfortable that patients can return to their daily lives in two days maximum after the procedure. Post-operation, many celebrities, and sports players prefer a relatively short recovery period for certain types of hair restoration surgery because it allows them enough time to enjoy life without worrying about how they look as soon as possible! 

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One such type is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which removes just one follicle per unit rather than two cut hairs from each scalp strip with neighboring ones touching at every angle necessary until you form something close looking like bush but filled up by individual strands too thin if seen under magnification the goal here being volume instead of patterning out your headpieces nicely all over again

FUE is the gold standard in hair transplantation. People prefer this approach as it leaves no trace, and has provided excellent results for patients over time, with little healing required on their part post-procedure compared to traditional methods like strip harvesting or scooping, which require extensive blood loss from donors at best

DHI is the latest, most effective method for hair transplants. The main difference between this and other methods like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is that it offers no waiting time with healthy follicles; doctors can transfer them one by one right after collection using a special Choi pen!


Over the years, hair loss has become a more common problem among men and women. And though Elon Musk would likely have wanted to avoid this in his youth when he first experienced thinning on top of being balding at age 49! 

There are new technologies that can help people look younger even if they’re middle-aged or elderly. These techniques provide safe and effective ways to achieve full heads of thick locks covering one’s entire head, giving off an illusion as though you hadn’t aged since childhood!

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