Do You Have Type 1a Hair Or 1c Hair? -A Complete Guide-

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“Do you have silky, straight hair?” It’s probably the first question anyone asks when they see your sleek locks. Your friends might envy that smooth and flat enough for a night of sleep-soothing slumber but do they know what type of person gets those compliments? The lucky ones are usually blessed with wavy or coily tresses – not everyone has to deal with dry ends like me! To find out how I can enhance my voluminous mane while still maintaining its natural benefits (and keeping up appearances), all we need is some information about our curl pattern.” 

There are four different types of hair: straight, wavy, and curly hair. Within these categories, there are several subcategories, type 1a hair for a more defined curl pattern with tightness and texture while Type 1b hair is less TightlyCurlied than its counterpart A1-B1 which could be frizzy depending on what treatments have been used (such as relaxers, natural humectants, protein sensitive hair or using apple cider vinegar for curly hair….etc ).

In this article, we will cover the common 1a and 1c hairs so you can understand them better!

How to find your hair type?

What is 1a hair type and what is 1c hair type?

  • 1a hair

1a hair type is straight and flat as a pin. The strands are extremely good it prone to falling out or shedding if you have an unhealthy amount on your head!

 However, this texture type tends to keep its shine more easily than other types of textures because rain does not disrupt the smoothness, which makes maintaining silky locks easier for people who prefer things neat like that. 

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Type 1a hair is a beautiful, thin texture that doesn’t frizz up after sitting in water or on days with high humidity. The downside of having such straight strands? 

It can be difficult to style other ways than just pin-straight because the lack of volume and grip might cause your curls/waves to look heavy, “leading to loose curls” if you use products designed for this type or any hair type too often

  • 1c hair

 1c hair type is not named because of its thick, coarse consistency. Though it may look straight in pictures thanks to the thickness of each strand and overall appearance (though some waviness can still be seen), type one-a has a bit more natural wave due to being less voluminous than other types such as 2b or 4a).

One great thing about this variety though It tends not to have nearly as much volume when wet compared with others – which means you’ll need fewer styling products and use natural humectants

Healthy habits you should follow if you have either 1a or 1c hairs

You may not know this, but even people with straight hair have problems. No matter how much you love your silky-straight locks and the way it looks when worn down by gravity or styled into an elegant ringlet—sometimes even just a simple night at home can be tough to deal with if all of the sudden waves start popping up on top while looking like cute little curls alongside them! 

The best thing that anyone could do for their stubborn 1A+ textures would be contacting specialists in curly texture care who are also able to provide tips about products designed especially for types, like giving pieces of advice about how often to wash low porosity hair or how to keep natural hair moisturized all day, protein sensitive hair, etc.

  • Moisturizing hair mask
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Curly, wavy, and coily hair types can achieve a more voluminous appearance by using products in their arsenal that will define curl patterns. A moisturizing mask meant specifically for this type of texture is essential- it’ll not only hydrate dull-looking locks but nourish them with vitamins too!

The Function of Beauty custom hair mask is formulated with a blend of Japanese sake extract, argan oil, and jojoba ester oil to give your natural curl that extra bounce. It has other naturally derived ingredients like silk amino acids for volume without leaving you weighed down in product or combing out clumps.

After shampooing and conditioning, such as deep conditioner for low porosity hair to your straight locks, coat the hair strands, ensuring an even application from mid shafts up. Leave on for a recommended amount of time, then rinse thoroughly to maintain the soft supple texture! Apply the mask once or twice weekly if you want healthy fine-looking curl-free waves without dullness that will last through humidity levels all year long

  • It’s a good idea to use serum after you shampoo and tone not blow drying

Blow drying your naturally straight, silky-looking hair can be risky. It is especially true if the dryer isn’t powerful enough and causes damage to fine or fragile locks of tresses in only a matter of seconds!

Instead of using the lightweight serum on damp strands before air-drying for best results instead, it’ll give you smooth and shiny hair without putting too much stress on those precious follicles

I’ve found that many women with thinning below their shoulders also tend towards having frizzy flyaways when exposed directly under harsh heating sources such as blow driers and since these individuals are typically done.

For those who want a salon-quality product at home. The function of Beauty’s silicone-based styling serum is an excellent option. This silicone formula coats the surface hair to help impart shine and smoothness while also protecting against humidity that can cause harm in extreme conditions like hot water for straight or wavy textures alike!

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It has extra high-temperature protection up to 400 degrees which will keep the curl locked into place no matter what type you have (or where)

The function of hair’s beauty serum comes in a custom blend of 7 pure, natural ingredients that can give your locks the nutrition they need to stay thick and healthy. 

By containing sunflower oil-rich with vitamin E, as well other essential fatty acids, such as argan or jojoba oils – this nourishing elixir will prevent frizziness while absorbing fully into strands without weighing them down. As long as you avoid applying it near moisture-rich areas like roots (which could lead to oil absorption), then there’s no risk for a greasy-looking unwashed look!

The bottom line

The Function of Beauty team has long appreciated the variety in hair types and we know that there is no one-size-fits-all for every type. Even within the category “straight”, you can find three different subcategories including pin straighter 1a hair, subtly wavy 1b strandings, or thicker strands like Type C which are great if caring for an Afro style! 

Understanding what your hair needs and which preferences are along with how you want to maintain it for optimum health is important. This way of getting the most out of every day will allow us all access to healthier-looking locks that last longer! 

A primary concern many women face when they start caring about their locks (and especially if these individuals already suffer from dryness), among other things like breakage caused due least exposure/overuse of products

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