10 Secret Things About Royal Honey, Or Jelly Royal 

royal honey

Royal jelly or royal honey is a whitish, jelly-like substance that tastes both sweet and sour. It is secreted by worker bees to feed the larvae and the queen. From the point of view of human health, this product is now widely acclaimed… even if these effects are not yet well known.

Royal jelly is rich in vitamin B, mineral substances, and trace elements. Side virtues, it would help to fight fatigue, neurasthenia, depression, and menstrual disorders.

What does royal honey do?

Royal jelly effectively fights stress 

<strong>10 Secret Things About Royal Honey, Or Jelly Royal </strong>
10 Secret Things About Royal Honey, Or Jelly Royal  7

If you are under pressure at your workplace, now is the time to try royal jelly, as it is very useful in calming anxieties. It is indeed rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that effectively fights stress. Concretely, royal jelly helps strengthen the adrenal glands which regulate our body’s response to stress by releasing certain hormones. one gram a day of royal jelly (royal honey) would be enough to reduce the pressure. But that should not last for a long time

 For daily consumption, it is recommended that you take just 0.5 grams at breakfast. This portion will be enough to regulate nervous tension and promote a good mood. Because in addition to fighting against stress, royal jelly is a natural antidepressant. 

Royal jelly strengthens the immune system 

<strong>10 Secret Things About Royal Honey, Or Jelly Royal </strong>
10 Secret Things About Royal Honey, Or Jelly Royal  8

Royal jelly or royal honey is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamins B and D, potassium, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants. It strengthens the immune system and fights more effectively against temporary fatigue. Royal jelly has immunostimulating properties. Thanks to these virtues, it can prevent certain diseases. It is therefore recommended to make cures of royal jelly before winter to prepare the body to fight viruses and bacteria. If you have cancer, however, it is recommended that you seek advice from your doctor before consuming royal jelly.

Royal jelly eliminates bad cholesterol

<strong>10 Secret Things About Royal Honey, Or Jelly Royal </strong>
10 Secret Things About Royal Honey, Or Jelly Royal  9

Various studies have also shown that daily consumption of royal jelly can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. This would be made possible thanks to the presence of an enzyme, squalene epoxidase, which is involved in the synthesis of cholesterol. It could thus play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and would also reduce blood pressure.

Royal jelly or royal honey can be allergic to some people. It is therefore recommended to start with low doses to see how the body reacts. In case of allergy, it is possible to suffer from asthma or eczema. To avoid any side effects, it is better to turn to organic royal jelly or royal honey.

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Royal jelly fights against cellular aging

<strong>10 Secret Things About Royal Honey, Or Jelly Royal </strong>
10 Secret Things About Royal Honey, Or Jelly Royal  10

For people who are not allergic, it can be used to fight against eczema precisely. Royal jelly (royal honey) is indeed widely used by cosmetics manufacturers, as it helps protect the skin from aging and strengthens nails and hair. For more efficiency, we recommend applying it directly to the skin or the hair.

It has also proven its effectiveness in regulating sebum production on acne-prone skin. It also helps to disinfect the skin, heal it, and to hydrate it well.

Royal honey is excellent for the memory

<strong>10 Secret Things About Royal Honey, Or Jelly Royal </strong>
10 Secret Things About Royal Honey, Or Jelly Royal  11

Royal honey contains acetylcholine, it improves memory and makes our intellectual abilities more efficient. It plays a decisive role in the regeneration and improvement of the activity of neurons. It should be noted in passing that royal jelly is the one natural source of pure acetylcholine. Do you have an interview or a competition to pass? A cure of royal jelly will be warmly recommended.

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Does royal honey work on females?

Royal jelly has been known since antiquity for its many nutritional and medicinal properties. Many studies confirm the power of royal jelly to strengthen the body’s immune system and prevent certain degenerative pathologies. The beneficial effects of royal jelly in pregnant women are very real and that is why it can be recommended during pregnancy.

Why and how to consume royal jelly in pregnant women?

Increased needs

Pregnancy is a particular period during which the woman sees her needs increase in terms of vitamins and nutrients. But it is also the period during which a baby’s muscles, bones, and brain are being built. Hence the importance of being vigilant, consuming the right foods, avoiding the bad ones, and why not supplementing properly. If royal jelly is so popular among pregnant women, but also among healthy or sick subjects, it is due to its many health benefits, particularly suitable for the period of pregnancy but also postpartum.

It is not always easy to know what to eat, nor how to supplement well during pregnancy. Also, pregnancy can be a particularly trying period, women often want to turn to food supplements that are beneficial both for them and for their babies, but also without risk. Royal jelly is thus one of the most beneficial supplements during this period and we will see why.

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The effects of royal jelly during pregnancy

Royal jelly or royal honey has very interesting virtues for pregnant women. Like Ginseng and Maca, it allows the body to regain vigor and energy but not only. Royal jelly has properties that will help pregnant women to better support their pregnancy but also promote the better development of their babies.

Royal jelly is particularly recommended for pregnant women for:

  • Strengthen the body and the immune system before and after childbirth
  • Rebalance and bring greater vitality during pregnancy
  • Protect the body against external microbial attacks
  • Fight and prevent the flu which has the effect of tiring and weakening the pregnant woman,
  • Improve the mood which can sometimes vary in pregnant women or post-pregnancy (baby blues)
  • Promote the transfer of iron in the blood (essential for the baby)

Consumption of royal jelly in pregnant women

Royal jelly is generally found on the market in two different forms: natural royal jelly contained in small jars and natural royal jelly present under vacuum, in small glass ampoules, or capsules. We recommend that you opt for a fresh and pure royal jelly, whose effects are much greater, but also certified organic to avoid any potential risk.

How to take royal honey? For pregnant 

For the dosage, pregnant women can consume between 1 g and 3 g of organic royal jelly per day. In the form of ampoules or capsules, they can take 10 to 20 ml per day. It should be noted that preference should be given to fresh natural royal jelly in a jar, which will be more natural but also better dosed than that contained in the ampoules or capsules. In this way, the royal jelly in a jar retains its properties much better.

Before consuming it, check if you are not allergic to bee products, this is the only contraindication in the consumption of royal jelly during pregnancy. During this period, it may be interesting to combine this supplement with spirulina. or folic acid, highly recommended for pregnant women.

Royal honey for men

The benefits of Royal Jelly for men

The natural composition of Royal Jelly makes it a highly sought-after dietary supplement. It would participate in particular in the fight against fatigue, gain in tone, maintain the immune system in the event of a drop in energy, participate in the normal functioning of the nervous system, boost physical and mental performance or even fight against the signs of aging.

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This is why Royal Honey is recommended at all stages of life. Children, teenagers, adults, pregnant women, athletes, seniors, convalescing people… or simply to cope with occasional fatigue and protect themselves from excess stress.

Studies point in particular to interesting improvements in cognitive performance (concentration, attention, memory), which are very valuable to the elderly who are heavy consumers of Royal Jelly.

A Royal Jelly (royal honey) cure is recommended in the event of seasonal changes to protect the body from external aggressions and to fight against fatigue linked to temperature variations.

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Royal Honey how to use it?

In what form?

Royal jelly can be sold in several forms, all intended for different uses and consumption. The information below may however conflict with the instructions given on the products you will buy (it depends on the manufacturers, the dosage, the concentration of the active ingredients…) so, whatever happens, take the time to inform yourself and make sure that the formula chosen will suit you. Don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor or pharmacist:

Royal jelly in an ampoule: often very highly concentrated, it will be intended for use similar to that of a food supplement. Its high concentration of active ingredients generally requires a shorter duration of use. A cure of royal jelly in ampoule is seen, most of the time, to have a duration of fewer than 20 days. It will often be consumed reduced in a glass of water.

“Pure” Royal Jelly: Very similar to honey in presentation, often sold in glass jars but distinguished by its thicker texture and pale yellow, milky color. Generally less concentrated than its ampoule counterpart, it will often be sold with a measuring spoon that will allow you to take the quantity throughout your cure. On average, this turnaround time does not exceed 30 days.

Gourmet royal jelly, mixed with honey: Tastier than ampoules or pure royal jelly, whose naturally acidic taste can be disturbing, you can find mixtures of royal jelly and honey that will make it easier to consume, in particular with children.

Royal jelly in sports nutrition: Many sports food products incorporate royal jelly in their composition. In this case, the forms and dosages/concentrations will be more varied to be able to be used regularly. Here again, it is up to you to identify your needs and your requests.

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